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I was slapped with passive-aggressive note by council after neighbours moaned about me playing loud music while DRIVING

A WOMAN was slapped with a passive-aggressive warning from the council after neighbours made a noise complaint over the music in her car.

Jayne Alexander-Oakley, 49, a care worker from Spixworth near Norwich, Norfolk, was stunned when the handwritten warning popped through her door.

The council’s crazy card told her that her music was “causing annoyance to others”.

The note then asked that she play it “at a level that does not cause upset to others”.

Ms Alexander-Oakley, who works providing palliative care to terminally ill patients, said: “when I come into the village I do turn the radio down a bit. You hear people playing music much louder than I do all the time”.

“I do not know if the council intend to take any further action. It makes me worried”, she said.

Ms Alexander-Oakley blamed her neighbours for moaning to the council about her playing music while driving.

“Clearly somebody near to my address knew exactly where I lived and felt the need to report this ridiculous issue to the council,” she said.

She added that she was disappointed by the whole incident as she “was always taught to approach someone if I had an issue and try and resolve it civilly”.

Broadland District Council issued a statement saying: “if we have difficulty contacting a resident we will leave a card asking them to contact us. This is so that we can make the resident aware of the complaint, discuss the matter and find a way forward”.

The spokesman added: “on this occasion that didn’t happen and we apologise. The staff member has been spoken to and we will continue to work to resolve the situation”.

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