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I own ‘Britain’s smallest off licence’ which is so tiny punters can’t fit inside – everyone loves it

BEER lovers can now stock up with supplies from what could well be Britain’s smallest off licence.

Saul Press has opened The Beer Hatch which operates out of a couple of old phone boxes in Tombland, Norwich – and it’s so small punters can’t fit inside it.

The offie may be tiny but it offers more than 50 locally brewed real ales and craft beers.

Saul kicked off his new venture with a soft launch to test the waters on August 26.

The shop is due to open full time on September 9.

Saul said his test run had been a “great” day.

He told the Eastern Daily Press: “The launch was really great – we made sure everything was working.

“We had loads of people coming down to try things, lots of people who we’d been delivering to in lockdown coming out to see us for themselves.

“It’s also good to be in an area like this with lots of offices and people walking past all the while.

“Being near the cathedral, we’re hoping we can give tourists a taste of local beers.

“We’ve got our fridges being installed next week so we can sell cold beers and then we’re having another day of opening before launching properly from September 9.

“We’re going to be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday to begin with and then maybe do more, we didn’t want to do too much to start with.

“As far as I can see we’re going to be the UK’s smallest off licence, I’ve done my research and can’t see anything even near as small as this.”

Saul already has plans to expand the range on offer once the business is up and running by introducing reusable kegs to his shelves to allow independent breweries – who usually only sell to pubs – to reach a bigger audience.

He added: “I want to sell five litre-kegs [from companies] which don’t normally sell their beers in bottles and cans so people can then return for a refill.

“These breweries normally only sell to pubs so it will be great to give them some business and publicity.

“We just can’t wait to open properly now.”

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