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#HeartUnions Week 2023

#HeartUnions week runs from 13-19 February, and is an opportunity to celebrate the trade union movement and highlight how important it is to be in a union.

The Labour Party was founded by trade unions, on the basis that working people should be represented in Parliament. Ever since, working in partnership with trade unions, Labour governments have achieved real, positive change for working people. This has included:

  • 1948: foundation of the NHS
  • 1965: Race Relations Act
  • 1970: the Equal Pay Act
  • 1998: the introduction of the minimum wage, and guarantee of 4 weeks paid holiday
  • 2010: the Equality Act

Labour have pledged to deliver a New Deal for working people and repeal the Tories’ anti-trade union laws within the first 100 days of being returned to government.

Norwich Labour remains committed to working with trade unions and members to achieve a better future for our city and country. We regularly run joint campaigns on issues our memberships care about, and we stand with workers who are striking for fair pay and conditions. Our elected Trade Union Liaison Officers sit on Norwich Labour’s Executive Committee and coordinate work to strengthen our link with local unions.

Useful links

  • Find out more about the #HeartUnions campaign: LINK
  • Find the right union for you and join today: LINK
  • Read Clive Lewis MP’s speech from the recent #RightToStrike demonstration in Norwich: LINK
  • Sign Labour Unions‘ petition in support of the New Deal: LINK

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