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Girl, 14, left with broken nose & horrific bruises after being ‘beaten up by a crazed FAMILY – including a pregnant mum’

A TEENAGE girl has been left with a broken nose and horrific bruises after she said she was pinned down and beaten by a crazed FAMILY. 

Schoolgirl Frankey, 14, is now too terrified to leave her own home following the horrific attack from the group of adults – including a pregnant mum.

The teen had been out for a meal with a pal at the Riverbank Chinese Buffet in Riverside, Norwich when she was allegedly set upon by the five adults, two teenagers and two children – who were about seven years old, she said.

Her mum, Cheryl Waitling, 39, branded the beating every parent’s worst nightmare. 

She said: “The thing is, you trust that your children will be safe when they go out to eat, or bowling, just normal teenage things.”

Frankey added: “I thought I would be okay, but when I actually sit and think about it, I’d be worried to go out on my own again.”

Her mum said her daughter and her friend were desperately trying to explain that they were 14-years-old when one of the girls launched on Frankey’s friend. 

The teenager added: “I just thought, ‘Oh my God, they’re adults – they could really hurt us.’

“At the time it felt like it was taking ages, but afterwards it felt like it was just a few seconds and now I can’t remember anything.” 

Cheryl explained how it all started when Frankie and her pal had spotted the doppelganger of a mutual friend in one of the teenage girls in the group. 

The mum said the two teens mentioned how pretty the girl was and how much she resembles another girl they both know. 

But as they left the restaurant one of the girls in the group confronted them and demanded to know why they were talking about her.

Cheryl said: “They tried to explain they weren’t talking about them, and had actually been paying them compliments. 

“In the background the mum of one of the girls, or at least one of the female adults, was shouting ‘just hit them, just hit them’.”


It was then that Frankey’s friend was attacked by one of the girls in the group.

She claims she sprang to her pal’s defence, at which point she was repeatedly punched in the face – resulting in a broken nose. 

Cheryl said: “It was at this point one of the men pulled Frankey off, held her hands behind her back and yelled ‘Come on now’s your chance’.”

“In the meantime, Frankey’s friend was being pushed up against the wall by the female adult who was pregnant, and had a pushchair.” 

She said the initial “scuffle” descended into chaos with nearly all of the adults becoming involved, and even one of the seven-year-old children “kicking and laughing like it was hilarious”.

Frankey claims two of the three adult men in the group also allegedly branded she and her female pal “tramps”.

She insists that all members of the violent group became involved – apart from one older woman who stood at the back screaming that they’re just 14-years-old and begging them to stop.

Cheryl explained not a single person came forward to help despite the brawl taking place in a built-up area with a bustling pub, cinema and trampoline park.

One eyewitness is understood to have since told local news they assumed the three adult males involved in the fight had been security guards separating the four teenagers – and feel awful that they didn’t help. 

Eventually, a kind couple took the girls to a nearby bowling alley where they got them a drink and phoned the police. 

Cheryl said she is absolutely horrified by what happened and understands police have CCTV of the incident and are searching for the family of thugs. 

Norfolk Constabulary has been contacted for comment.

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