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Gaynor Lord missing: Woman ‘seen removing her coat and performing a yoga pose’ witness reveals in search for missing mum

Gaynor Lord went missing on a Friday afternoon and police have since been frantically searching for her. There have been several police indications that the mum of three may have entered the River Wensum in Norwich. Her items, such as clothing, jewellery, and a handbag, were found scattered across different locations in the city center park. The person who witnessed her disappear claims that they believe they saw a woman performing a yoga pose and leaving her coat behind. Additionally, Rosie Richard, another person living near the park, believes she saw Gaynor on the same day.

A desperate plea for information and help from authorities was issued by Gaynor Lord’s family after five days of searching for her. The family has been concerned and anxious about her disappearance, with her daughter, Alexandra, asking for anyone who knows any information about her whereabouts to contact the police. She was last seen at work and her belongings were found after she didn’t return home from work. In police’s attempt to find her, drones, police divers, and foot searches have been used – along with help from fire crews and coastguards. There is currently no evidence of Gaynor being harmed, but the likelihood of her possibly entering the water and the concern for her well-being is present.

The search efforts for Gaynor Lord have extended into the appearance of police divers, who are using a sonar in the River Wensum and even seeking assistance from the National Crime Agency (NCA). There is a real possibility of Gaynor entering the water at some point, which has prompted the use of specialized underwater dive teams from the NCA capability. This has been a painful and distressful time for Gaynor’s family, as it is not normal for her to disappear in such a mysterious manner. The police have assured that they will continuously update her family about their ongoing efforts and search.

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