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Wymondham woman tells of two years of chronic UTI agony

Yasmine Lyndle, a 21-year-old from Wymondham, has been suffering from a chronic condition since November 2021, when what was initially thought to be a regular infection turned into an ongoing battle with chronic pain. Her struggles with finding the right treatment have taken a toll on her mental health, leaving her feeling hopeless and like nobody is listening to her. Her condition has been worsening since March, and she describes the constant pain as feeling like sitting on glass. Yasmine has found it increasingly difficult to get medical professionals to thoroughly investigate her condition, and urine samples are not always cultured, making it difficult to find an effective treatment.

Yasmine’s life has been drastically changed by her condition, as she went from having a normal life, working at Wetherspoons, enjoying going out, and dreaming of traveling, to being almost entirely bedbound. Her mother, Myshcell Lyndle, expressed her heartbreak over seeing her daughter in so much pain and not receiving the help she needs, and highlighted the thousands of other women who are dealing with similar situations and also being dismissed with claims that “it’s all in your head.” The family has filed a complaint with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s patient advice and liaison service in hopes of finally getting the care and attention they desperately need.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s Urology Consultant and Clinical Lead, Mark Rochester, expressed apologies for the distress Yasmine is experiencing while under their care and assured that they are working to find the best course of treatment for her. Yasmine’s struggles with her health and the lack of support and proper treatment have left her feeling completely hopeless and desperate. It is a heartbreaking situation that highlights the difficulties faced by many individuals who struggle to have their chronic conditions taken seriously by healthcare professionals, and the impact it has on their everyday lives. The Lyndle family’s efforts to advocate for Yasmine’s care and the attention given to her case by the hospital are indicative of the larger issue at hand.

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