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Norwich doctor went into cardiac arrest at five years old

Nick Marriage, 39, went into cardiac arrest as a youngster during an asthma attack and spent time in hospital.

He said: “My dad provided CPR while the ambulance service came out to get me.  

“I was in a coma and spent a lengthy time in intensive care and luckily went on to make a full recovery.

“Asthma continued to affect me throughout my childhood, and I spent a week or so in hospital every year until I was 16.  

“This meant I spent a lot of time around medical professionals, and it was them that inspired me to go into medicine.” 

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Norwich Evening News: Nick thinks everyone should learn how to give CPR Nick thinks everyone should learn how to give CPR (Image: Nick Marriage)

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Nick went through 15 years of medical school and training and is now a consultant at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital emergency department, as well as a doctor with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, which means lots of his work is with cardiac arrest patients.  

He continued: “It is an immense privilege to be able to deliver emergency and critical care medicine to where the patient needs it most, whether it is a field, beach or their own home.” 

Nick believes that everyone should know how to give bystander CPR and is proud that the East Anglian Air Ambulance runs training for this.

He plans to raise money for the air ambulance service by completing an ultra marathon in Wales called the Dragon’s Back Race.  

DONATE: Nick’s fundraiser for East Anglian Air Ambulance

He said: “It is a six-day, 380km race across the entire length of Wales. I keep myself healthy in case my asthma comes back later in life. 

“To run the air ambulance service in Norfolk and Cambridge it costs £17m each year, every time the helicopter takes off it costs £3.5k” 

Nick’s challenge kicks off on September 4 and people can donate to his cause at Justgiving.com.

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