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Alder Ward staff raise funds at Norwich Community Hospital

A desperate need for new wheelchairs has sparked the mammoth effort in the Alder Ward at Norwich Community Hospital, in Earlham.

A target of walking, running and cycling 750 miles in 75 days was initially set, starting on July 3, to join in with this year’s celebrations of 75 years of the NHS.

However, such has been the success of their efforts, that a new target of reaching 1,000 miles by their deadline of September 16 has been set.

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Therapy assistant and organiser of the fundraiser, Louise Seaman, said: “The focus of this is to improve patients’ mental health, motivation towards the exercise programmes and most importantly avoiding deconditioning during their hospital stay.

“We are all passionate about getting our patients back to where they used to be.”

Alder Ward is a rehabilitation facility for patients who struggle with mobility, often following long bed stays in the hospital.

Despite this, the patients have contributed an impressive 122 miles to the cause using a static bike, as well as trying to increase their daily steps, with staff having reached 740 miles with just under a month to go.

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Norwich Evening News: Norwich Community HospitalNorwich Community Hospital (Image: Nick Butcher / Newsquest)

DONATE: Alder Ward’s 750 Miles in 75 Days

As well as new wheelchairs the funds will go towards activities for the ward, such as arts, crafts and exercise equipment. This would allow staff to take more patients out to enjoy their garden space and engage them mentally and physically in order to assist in their recovery.

As well as regularly running and cycling, the staff are also taking part in a seven-and-a-half mile walk around Eton Park on Saturday, August 26 with their friends and family.

So far they have raised 25pc of their £750 fundraising target, which can be supported at Justgiving.com.

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