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What are the best selling toys for Christmas 2023?

Langleys Toys, a Norwich-based toy store with a 140-year history, is still thriving despite the cost of living crisis. Many parents are choosing to spread out their Christmas shopping throughout the year, and some have even started as early as July. The store’s manager, Chris Goulding, has noted a resurgence of retro toys from the 80s and 90s, with many of these products topping the bestseller list.

The number one toy this Christmas is predicted to be Pokémon cards, a popular 1990s throwback. According to Goulding, the cards have been the shop’s top-selling product for the past year, with nostalgic parents eager to indulge their kids’ interest in these Japanese imports. Another surprise favorite from the Pokémon universe is the brand’s advent calendar, which retails at £45, yet customers are flocking to purchase them. Goulding states that the popularity of Pokémon is driven by parents who collected the cards when they were young, clever brand marketing, and constant new releases, ensuring there is always something new to collect.

Lego is another classic that continues to be a hit year after year, with its wide range of products at varying price points making it popular among kids and adults. New on the shop’s bestseller list is a game from PlayMonster called Pigs on Trampolines, which involves bouncing plastic pigs off tiny trampolines and into a “pig pen,” with players collecting “mud pies” as points for successful throws. Goulding noted that anything related to pigs captures kids’ imaginations, and he predicts that a more adult-focused board game based on the TV series Bridgerton will also be very popular during the Christmas season.

The top ten most popular toys at Langleys Toys for 2023 include the Pokemon Holiday Calendar, LEGO Icons Optimus Prime, PlayMaster Pigs on Trampolines game, Slime Party Sensory Putty, Sylvanian Families Village Doctor Starter Set, Doorables Stitch Collector Pack, Robotime Luminous Globe, Yoga Squishy Beanie by Marvel, Vtec Toddler Tech Laptop, and Jellycat Nordic Spruce Christmas Tree plushy. These toys cover a range of interests, from sensory putty to educational toys, ensuring that there is something for every child’s preference.

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