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The Ram Inn in The Street in Brundall closes its doors

The Ram Inn in The Street in Brundall recently closed, and the pub’s owners, the Stonegate Group, are now seeking new management for the establishment. Caroline and Megan had been running the pub since July but have decided to move on after a tumultuous period. They mentioned that they had experienced numerous highs and lows during their tenure, with the lows beginning to overshadow the positives. The pair had taken on the pub with the intention of restoring its former reputation and community feel, but ultimately felt that more was needed to achieve this goal.

Caroline and Megan made efforts to address community feedback by opening the kitchen and hosting regular charity events in an attempt to regain the pub’s former appeal. Despite their efforts, they expressed their belief that reviving the pub to its former glory would require more than the two of them. They also highlighted the struggles faced by many pubs in staying afloat and the toll it can take on the mental and physical health of those involved. Ultimately, they issued a plea for local support, emphasizing the importance of patronizing and supporting local pubs.

The closure of The Ram Inn comes after months of trying to restore its former standing in the community. Caroline and Megan expressed their disappointment in not being able to fully achieve this goal, despite their efforts. They noted that the pub had lost its sense of community, and they felt that external help would be necessary to truly restore it to its former state. The pair’s departure from the pub and their comments about the struggles faced by pubs in general serve as a reminder of the challenges that small, local businesses, particularly those in the hospitality industry, continue to face. Their message serves as a call to action for local residents to support their community establishments, highlighting the vital role that loyal patronage plays in helping these businesses survive.

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