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The Nippy Chippy on the Broads reopens after Storm Ciaran

The Nippy Chippy on the Broads in Bridge Road in Potter Heigham recently reopened after being forced to close for eight days due to Storm Ciaran. However, despite the reopening, manager Liam Chipperfield expressed concerns over the losses incurred during the closure and the difficulty in recovering from them. He mentioned that the business would likely be playing catch-up all winter and expressed the struggle to stay afloat during this challenging time. The establishment is a local community chip shop that aims to keep costs down by staying open throughout the year, but the manager emphasized the difficulty in doing so due to the unpredictability of inclement weather.

In an effort to stay open all year and maintain affordable prices for the local community, the Nippy Chippy on the Broads intends to continue its operations even during the winter season. Despite facing difficulties, the establishment is determined to provide its services and remain open for the local community, and the manager expressed hope that the community would continue to support the chip shop during this challenging time. Additionally, the business also operates a mobile van, Nippy Chippy Norfolk, which accepts orders in Norwich and can be booked for events and functions, providing another way for the business to reach and serve its customers.

Mr. Chipperfield expressed concerns over the lack of support from local authorities and appeared to be apprehensive about the possibility of further storms that could potentially affect the operation of the chip shop. The Nippy Chippy on the Broads is reliant on its customers and community support to survive during these challenging times, and the manager emphasized the importance of community support to help the business stay afloat. The chip shop is currently open on specific days and times during the week, and it aims to continue providing its services and maintaining its presence within the community despite the difficulties it faces.

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