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Repairs to car hit by bus in Norwich are refunded by First

Nicole Brown encountered a major inconvenience when she found her blue Ford KA extensively damaged while parked on Fiddlewood Road in Catton. The damage occurred due to a First bus attempting to squeeze past oncoming traffic, resulting in a collision and subsequent dragging of Nicole’s car along the road. Fortunately, the entire incident was captured on CCTV, providing clear evidence of the bus causing the damage. Initially, a dispute arose regarding the repair work, but First has now agreed to pay a settlement for the parts needed to repair Nicole’s car.

Initially, there was a disagreement between Nicole and First regarding the repair of her car, as the company initially considered writing off the car. However, Nicole had already purchased the required parts for the repairs and requested reimbursement from First. After some pressure, First eventually agreed to cover the cost of the parts, and Nicole considered the matter to be resolved. After spending £200 to fix her car, Nicole is relieved to be back on the road and no longer reliant on others for transportation.

Although Nicole is pleased to have her car back, she has decided to avoid parking in the same area where the incident occurred in the future due to anxiety. Despite this, she is grateful to have her car back and to no longer be dependent on others for transportation. First Eastern Counties declined to comment on the matter, and it remains unclear if any further action will be taken in relation to the incident. Ultimately, the incident highlights the importance of clear evidence in resolving disputes and the potential impact of such incidents on individuals’ daily lives.

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