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Redwell Brewing refuses to raise prices as beer duty goes up

Redwell Brewing in Trowse has managed to stay afloat in the tumultuous beer industry by freezing its prices since 2021. Despite facing rising ingredient costs and increased taxes on beers with an alcohol by volume (APV) above 4.5pc, the company has chosen to absorb these costs rather than passing them on to their customers. This decision has allowed Redwell Brewing to keep their tap room busy, while other venues have seen a decline in customers. With the opening of the tap room in 2018, Redwell Brewing offers a range of beers for patrons to enjoy, both at the tap room and at home through their retail section.

The prices for beer at Redwell Brewing have remained the same since 2021, with a 12-pack of 330ml beers starting at £27 and pints at the tap room priced from £5. Josh Worley, the company’s marketing manager, attributes the continued success of the tap room to the frozen prices, stating that patrons have flocked to make the most of Redwell’s affordability. He also points out that the company’s adaptability and flexibility as a small firm has allowed them to stay competitive in the industry, despite the challenges they face.

The decision to maintain frozen prices sets Redwell Brewing apart from many other breweries, which have either raised their prices or reduced the alcohol content of their beers to stay below the higher tax threshold. By choosing to keep their prices the same, Redwell Brewing has managed to maintain its competitiveness in a cutthroat industry that has seen a surge in new breweries. The company’s ability to remain affordable to their customers has helped them thrive even in the face of increasing costs and taxes.

Overall, Redwell Brewing’s strategy of freezing its prices has proven successful, with the tap room remaining busy and customers continuing to enjoy the brewery’s beers. Despite the challenges of rising costs and taxes in the industry, the company’s adaptability and commitment to remaining affordable have allowed them to navigate the turbulent beer industry and maintain their competitive edge. By absorbing the additional costs and keeping their prices frozen, Redwell Brewing has demonstrated resilience and a strong understanding of their customers’ needs.

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