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Queens Hill’s Co-op shop work starts ahead of 2024 opening

After years of waiting, progress on the first store in the Costessey estate is finally underway. Co-op has confirmed its intention to open a convenience store at the location by 2024. The spokesperson for Co-op stated that they are constantly reviewing potential sites to ensure they can serve the local community, and the store is finally showing signs of preparation for its opening, rumored to be at the end of January. District councillor Gary Blundell welcomed the news, stating that the store will fulfill crucial community needs that have been apparent in the estate for many years.

Blundell expressed his pleasure at the progress and anticipation of the store, emphasizing the long-awaited welcome surprise of the unfolding renovations at Queen’s Hills Co-op. He noted the years of waiting and promises that the community has had to endure, highlighting the slow progress of any development in the area. However, he also acknowledged that the store represents a piece of the larger puzzle of estate development that seems to be nearing completion and will be complemented by the new Rumbles takeaway, providing a great service and food to the local community.

The store is situated in a purpose-built unit in Fieldfare Way, alongside other businesses and a car park, and is expected to be very popular as the first of its kind in the estate. The next closest stores are located at the Longwater retail park. This development marks a significant milestone for the community and will provide much-needed amenities and convenience to the local residents. The progress on the store signifies a bright future for the Costessey estate and an improvement in the overall quality of life for its residents, who have been eagerly awaiting its opening for many years.

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