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Love Thy Burger bosses opening Vitto’s Pizza in NR3, Norwich

Adem Lacin and his father Murteza Lacin, owners of Love Thy Burger in Aylsham Road, are expanding their business with the opening of a new Italian pizza shop. Adem, who has a family history of making delicious pizza and is part Italian, wanted to share his passion with the people of Norwich. The new shop, Vitto’s Pizza, will offer mouth-watering options including margarita, pepperoni, and even Biscoff on the menu. The dough is made fresh every day and hand-stretched on site, and the ingredients are locally sourced with the sauces made in-house. The owners are confident that their pizza will be just as popular as their burger selection has been.

The decision to expand their business was prompted by the availability of the property next door to Love Thy Burger. Despite only opening the burger shop a year ago, the response has been fantastic with amazing feedback, prompting the Lacin family to take on the challenge of opening Vitto’s Pizza. They are focusing on offering the best service possible, with Adem emphasizing that although money might be tight for some people, those who try their food come back again and again.

The owners are sure that their pizza will be a hit, as it offers both classic and unusual options. The dough is made fresh daily and hand-stretched, and all the ingredients are locally sourced. The sauces will also be made in-house, and the family-run business is confident that people will enjoy the experience of their independent family business. While they don’t plan on opening any more shops, they are dedicated to offering the best service possible, and believe that their food is definitely worth trying.

Vitto’s Pizza is set to open this weekend, with an extensive menu that includes a variety of pizza options. The Lacin family is not planning on opening any more shops, as they want to focus on offering the best service possible. They are confident that their pizza will be a hit and are urging people to give it a try, emphasizing the high quality and freshness of their ingredients. With a long history of making delicious pizza, the Lacin family is excited to share their passion with the people of Norwich through their new venture.

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