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Limitless Automatic Driving Tuition launched in Sprowston

Tara Read, owner of Limitless Automatic Driving Tuition in Sprowston, has seen a surge in demand for automatic driving lessons since she opened her books in October. The pandemic has led to increased demand, with people having money from furlough to spend and others relocating and needing to learn how to drive in their new circumstances. Furthermore, Tara’s school teaches exclusively in automatic cars, and she has found that interest in learning to drive automatic vehicles is growing every year.

Tara’s expertise lies in teaching anxious and disabled individuals, who often find it easier to learn in an automatic car. She has also noticed a preference for automatic lessons among those who have struggled with manual cars in the past, or those who believe they can pass faster in an automatic due to there being less to grasp. Tara’s relaxed and friendly teaching style has led her to have a waiting list, and she urges those turning 17 next year to get on the list now if they want to learn with her. Additionally, Tara is recruiting new instructors to keep up with the high demand.

She also believes that learning to drive can open many doors and provide independence, but she suggests that individuals ensure they are learning to drive for themselves and not due to external pressure. She also emphasizes the importance of being able to afford to drive before investing in lessons and advises aspiring drivers to persevere, as passing the test will ultimately be worth it. Overall, Tara believes that the demand for automatic driving lessons is still high, and the trend is likely to continue in the future.

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