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Heritage Kitchen goes solo at the Golden Star in Norwich

Heritage Kitchen, previously known as The Bun Exchange, has recently been taken over by new owner Olie McDonald. The restaurant, located at the Golden Star in Colegate, has seen a collaboration with Bun X, run by Jeff Taylor, which resulted in the launch of Bun X Heritage in September. However, with this change in ownership, Bun X will be leaving the Golden Star to allow Mr. McDonald to take the reins as head chef and owner of Heritage Kitchen. The 30-year-old chef has an extensive background in the restaurant industry, having worked at various establishments, and is looking forward to the opportunity to operate his own restaurant.

During the collaboration with Bun X, Mr. McDonald’s Sunday roasts were a highlight and will continue to be featured on the new menu. In addition to the traditional Sunday roasts, Heritage Kitchen is also planning to incorporate a more multicultural menu, offering flatbreads, tacos, and other small plates. Mr. McDonald expressed his excitement for this new direction, stating that it’s time for something new and that the concept is not fully nailed down yet. This transition marks a significant step for Mr. McDonald, who is ready to take the next phase in his career after getting a solid start with Bun X.

The decision for Mr. McDonald to take over Heritage Kitchen as the sole owner was always in the pipeline, and the departure of Bun X will allow him to realize this plan. Since working in the restaurant industry, Mr. McDonald has gained valuable experience at various establishments, which has prepared him to take on the responsibility of managing his own restaurant. With the success of Bun X Heritage and the positive reception of Mr. McDonald’s Sunday roasts, the transition to Heritage Kitchen as a standalone venture is an exciting opportunity for the chef to bring something new and innovative to the dining scene in Norwich.

The Golden Star in Colegate will now be home to Heritage Kitchen as it transitions to a solo venture under the ownership of Olie McDonald. Following the successful collaboration with Bun X, Mr. McDonald is eager to take the next step and establish his own presence in the local culinary scene. With a focus on multicultural cuisine and the continuation of popular dishes such as the Sunday roasts, Heritage Kitchen is set to offer a fresh and diverse dining experience under Mr. McDonald’s leadership.

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