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Engino toy shop set to open in Castle Quarter in Norwich

Educational toy brand Engino has applied to open a shop, exhibition space, and cafe at the former Pure Electric bike store at the Castle Meadow entrance to Castle Quarter. The brand, known for its STEM-related products, is seeking approval from the city council to divide the unit into a space for a shop, play area, “museum-style exhibit,” and classrooms. The proposed cafe would offer indoor and outdoor seating facilities to serve food and refreshments. Although the branding has already started to appear on the vacant shop, the official opening date is yet to be announced.

A spokesman for Engino stated that the Engino STEM Exploration Centre is due to open officially in the next few weeks. They mentioned that all applications regarding building permits and other necessary requirements have been processed by an assigned local architect to ensure compliance with regulations. Additionally, the spokesman mentioned that the company is working closely with the city council and other relevant bodies involved in the process. This indicates that Engino is making a concerted effort to ensure that their center complies with all requirements and regulations related to the establishment.

The proposal for the Engino STEM Exploration Centre includes a focus on STEM education with the inclusion of classrooms and a play area, as well as a museum-style exhibit. This suggests that the company is looking to create a space that not only serves as a retail location, but also as an educational center for children and families. In addition, the plan to include a cafe with indoor and outdoor seating facilities indicates that Engino is aiming to provide a space that encourages visitors to spend time at the center, enjoy refreshments, and engage in various activities.

Despite the branding already appearing on the vacant shop, the city council has not yet approved the application for the Engino STEM Exploration Centre. This indicates that the process is still underway and the official opening day is yet to be announced. With the company’s focus on ensuring compliance with all requirements and regulations and collaboration with relevant bodies, it seems that Engino is taking the necessary steps to establish its center in alignment with the expectations and standards set by the local authorities.

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