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Drip Drop Bake Stop opens in Castle Quarter in Norwich

Drip Drop Bake Stop, a shop selling a variety of sweet treats, has recently opened its first permanent location at Castle Quarter. This comes after three years of attending markets and other events across the county. Owner Sacha Beales expressed excitement about this big step and mentioned that she has always wanted a shop. The business has been doing great, with many customers already familiar with their products. The name of the business was inspired by her 12-year-old son during a caravan holiday, and Ms. Beales aims to make her shop affordable for families, with specially designed products for mothers with lots of children.

This new permanent location means that Drip Drop Bake Stop will no longer be attending markets, as the business will now focus on the Castle Quarter kiosk and take part in bigger events all over the country. Ms. Beales emphasized the importance of affordability in today’s cost of living and wants her shop to be accessible to everyone, especially kids, who she hopes can still come and buy a cookie. The shop, located on the first level of Castle Quarter, will offer a range of sweet treats, including products designed for mothers with multiple children.

The shop’s opening represents a significant milestone for Ms. Beales, who has always dreamed of having a permanent location for her business. Even her son played a part in the business, coming up with the name during a holiday. The shop has already gained a customer base through its years of market attendance and is now looking to expand to bigger events across the country. Ms. Beales emphasized the importance of affordability, especially for children, and hopes to continue offering reasonably priced sweet treats for everyone. The shop’s focus on accessibility, affordability, and unique products for families makes it stand out in the marketplace.

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