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Collapsed ceiling issues at Earlham House Clinic in Norwich

The roof of a flat above Earlham House Clinic was damaged eight weeks ago causing flooding issues. As the property management firm works on resolving the building’s issues, the clinic’s staff have been trying to get the business back on track as soon as possible. The clinic’s osteopath, James Harvey, reported that the flooding has caused significant damage to the building, resulting in wet, mouldy conditions. The impact of the floods has been difficult for the small business, with one studio being out of use for an extended period, affecting their ability to service their customers.

The clinic has experienced two separate significant floods, with water surging throughout the entire building. The ceiling collapsed a week later, resulting in further damage. Mr. Harvey reported that the clinic is still taking in some water through the ceiling, leaving them with a wet, moldy building site. As a small business, the impact of the floods has been hard, affecting their ability to work and service their customers. The clinic’s landlord has been working with Inspired Property Management (IPM) to resolve the situation, and IPM has provided dehumidifiers to help dry the studio.

IPM has been working to address the roof damage caused by inclement weather, arranging a temporary repair to minimize damages immediately following the stormy weather. Permanent external works have been completed and are being independently checked for soundness and suitability. The spokesman for IPM expressed the company’s commitment to resolving the situation and alleviating the damages to the property. The clinic’s staff remains hopeful that the building’s issues will be resolved soon, and they will be able to return to normal operations as soon as possible.

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