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7 high street shops people in Norwich miss for Christmas

Over the years, the high streets of Norwich have seen significant changes, with several well-known stores closing their doors. Debenhams, a popular department store, closed its Norwich location in May 2020 due to the impact of the pandemic. The building was purchased from another department store, Curls, in the 1960s. Woolworths, another high street favorite, went into administration in 2008, resulting in the closure of several stores across Norwich. Similarly, British Home Stores (BHS) closed its St Stephens Street location in 2016 when the company went bankrupt. Wilko, a chain of home and garden stores, also closed its Norwich branch, along with the closure of all 400 stores across the UK, putting 12,000 jobs at risk.

Cath Kidston, known for its clothing and accessories, closed all 60 of its UK stores in 2020, including its Castle Street branch in Norwich. Disney, a popular franchise, also closed its Norwich store, despite efforts by over 13,000 people to keep it open. Finally, Toys R Us closed all of its UK stores in 2018, leading to the confirmation that Home Bargains would be moving into its former location in the Cathedral Retail Park.

The closures of these well-known stores have left voids in the high streets of Norwich, with many readers expressing their sadness at their absence during the Christmas season. These closures have been attributed to various reasons, including falling into administration, filing for bankruptcy, and the impact of the pandemic. The loss of these stores reflects the changing landscape of retail and the challenges faced by brick-and-mortar stores in an increasingly digital world.

Despite the closures, efforts have been made to fill the gaps, with new stores and businesses moving into empty locations left by the departed retailers. The closures of these well-loved stores have signaled a shift in the retail landscape, with consumers turning to online shopping and digital platforms, leading to the downfall of traditional high street stores. However, the impact of these closures goes beyond the loss of traditional retailers, as it also affects the communities that relied on these stores for essential goods and services. As the high streets of Norwich continue to evolve, it will be important to support local businesses and find new ways to revitalize these spaces.

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