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Ben Knapper’s first words as Norwich City sporting director

Ben Knapper has been appointed as the new sporting director of Norwich City, succeeding Stuart Webber in the post. He previously worked at Arsenal as the loans and development manager, having also spent time in their analysis department. His arrival at Norwich comes at a time of poor form for the team in the Championship, although they managed to secure a 3-2 win against Cardiff on Saturday. Knapper’s first interview as sporting director is available to watch on Norwich City’s official YouTube page.

The appointment of Ben Knapper as Norwich City’s new sporting director marks a significant change in the leadership of the club. Knapper brings with him valuable experience from his time at Arsenal, where he served as the loans and development manager, as well as working in their analysis department. His expertise in player development and his understanding of the technical aspects of the game will be key assets for Norwich as they seek to improve their performance in the Championship.

Norwich City’s decision to bring in Ben Knapper as sporting director comes at a crucial moment, as the team has been struggling with poor form in the Championship. Despite their recent 3-2 victory over Cardiff, the club has recognized the need for new leadership to help guide them through this challenging period. Knapper’s appointment demonstrates the club’s commitment to making strategic changes in order to achieve success on the pitch and bring about positive developments for the team.

Knapper’s first interview as sporting director of Norwich City is available for fans to watch on the club’s official YouTube page. This provides an opportunity for supporters to hear directly from Knapper himself and gain insights into his vision for the club’s future. His appointment is likely to generate excitement and anticipation among fans, as they look forward to seeing the impact he will have on the team’s performance and direction moving forward. Overall, Knapper’s arrival signals a new chapter for Norwich City, and it will be interesting to see how his leadership will shape the club’s future.

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