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Indian church pastor back to minister in Norwich 

Rev Nicky Smith and her husband Pastor Zion Samuel are visiting Norwich, between April and June 2023 and will be ministering at Grace Christian Fellowship. 

Rev Nicky Smith was a minister at Grace Christian Fellowship in Norwich for over 20 years, where she developed a recognised teaching ministry. She has an international ministry and speaks regularly in churches in the UK, USA and Spain and Holland.


Nicky and Samuel have two children and live in a remote part of Andhra Pradesh in a small village called Kuntinivasala. They have a campus site of five acres which accommodates a children’s home and school.


Serena Jones said: “Their ministry in the area is growing steadily with the preaching of the Gospel in previously untouched remote villages. They are surrounded by over 300 villages that have never heard of Jesus Christ and so are working steadily to reach these communities with the Christian message of salvation.”    


Nicky and Samuel will be preaching and ministering at Grace Community Fellowship church services on Sunday April 30, Sunday May 21 and May 28 and Sunday June 25, sharing news about their work in India. All services start at 11am and are held at Saints Event Venue, 217 Yarmouth Road, Norwich, NR7 0SQ – www.gcfnorwich.co.uk


Nicky will also be holding a teaching seminar on ‘The Spirit of Elijah / The End Times’ on Saturday May 20. The seminar will take an in depth look at the ‘spirit of Elijah’ from both the Old and New Testaments.

The day will be split into three sessions and will cover a great deal of Scripture, from Moses at Sinai to the End Times.   

  • Session 1   The ministry of Elijah and what we could call the ‘spirit of Elijah’.

  • Session 2   Covers events in Old and New Testaments that are linked and which all contain a picture of the past, present and future, in relation to the manifestation of the spirit of Elijah.

  • Session 3   Using the insights gained in sessions 1 and 2, this session will reveal clear guidance about what we will see come to pass in the future. 

A familiarity with the following passages will give everyone attending the opportunity to get the maximum from the day’s teaching: Scriptures: Exodus 32, 1 Kings 17-19, Daniel 12, Malachi 4,   Zachariah 4, Matthew 11, Matthew 17, Luke 1-3,   Revelation 11

The seminar will be on Saturday May 20 from 10am-3pm at the Saints Event Venue. Lunch is included and the cost of attending the seminar will be £15. If you would like to attend, please contact Grace Christian Fellowship on [email protected] to book a place. The deadline for bookings is Friday May 12.



Pictured above are Rev Nicky Smith, her husband Pastor Zion Samuel and their children.

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