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Wymondham churches hold rule-of-six witness walk

Half a dozen Christians from two Wymondham churches held a socially-distanced Walk of Witness in Wymondham town centre on Good Friday with a large wooden cross.

The group stopped in several locations to listen to Bible readings and pray.


The organiser was retired vicar Mike Porter from Alive Church who was joined by colleagues from the church and Rev John Potter from the Wymondham United Reformed Church.


Mike said: “Over the weeks up to Easter I was reflecting on the fact that we had not been able to have our usual ecumenical procession of the cross through Wymondham in 2020, and it saddened me to think that the same would be the case in 2021.  However, the thought had occurred to me that there was no reason why up to six people should not walk through Wymondham with a cross.


“As usual, I hoped someone else would be having a similar thought! It was as I was praying on Maundy Thursday morning that it dawned on me that it was probably me who should do something about it!


“I sent an email to all the Wymondham church leaders, and John offered to join me and bring a wooden cross along.


“I was also joined by Jonathan Ellse, Alec Stephenson, my wife, Chris, and Leigh Crowden with her daughter Sophie, all from Alive Church. I had two further offers of help, which I had to decline,” said Mike.


“We met and set off from outside the URC Church at 11am, pausing at several points to read aloud the Bible accounts of the Crucifixion of Jesus. The usual Friday Market was at the Market Cross. We walked as far as the Methodist Church at Town Green, then returned up the other side of the High Street, finishing at the URC Church at 12noon.”


Pictured above is Mike Porter reading from the Bible and Jonathan Ellse holding the cross. Picture by Rev John Potter.


Keith Morris, 05/04/2021

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