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Former vicar returns to troubled Norfolk abbey 

Former vicar of Wymondham, Rev Canon Christopher Davies, has been appointed by the Bishop of Norwich as Interim Priest in Charge of the troubled town Abbey for a period of up to three years following the resignation of Rev Catherine Relf-Pennington.

Rev Catherine Relf-Pennington, the Abbey’s first female vicar, resigned in June following a prolonged period of arguments and challenges at Wymondham.


Canon Davies was a previous vicar of Wymondham and the Bishop Graham Usher has invited him to return to support the Abbey community and the wider town for up to three years. He will take up his post on September 1 and is currently Acting Archdeacon of Lynn and Team Vicar of the Heart of Norfolk Team Ministry.


Canon Davies said: “The Abbey and the town of Wymondham has always had a special place in my heart. During my 10 years as vicar, I developed a deep love for the congregations and the wider community. I much look forward to us all working together in the time ahead.”


Bishop Graham, said: “Canon Davies had a fruitful and much respected ministry at Wymondham and will bring wisdom, as well as pastoral care.


“There is a long process ahead of healing and reconciliation, as well as re-building governance and oversight of the parish and building on its valued ministry with children and young people.


“Interim ministry is sometimes used in the Church of England after a time of challenge so that bridges can be built and time given to reflection, in advance of discerning the appointment of a permanent vicar.”


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Pictured above is Rev Canon Christopher Davies. Picture courtesy of Wymondham Abbey.


Keith Morris, 24/08/2022

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