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Former TSB bank’s non-stop alarm in Anglia Square, Norwich

Jenny Knight claims the security alarm for the former TSB Bank in Magdalen Street started ringing on Friday and has not stopped, causing her considerable distress. 

The bank closed its doors to the public in June last year and, despite her best efforts to contact the building’s owners, Ms Knight has not been able to find a solution. 

She lives in the flat next to the building and has been forced to sleep on the floor of her living room since the alarm is noisiest in her bedroom. 

“I’m just shocked that this sort of thing isn’t embarrassing for the city of Norwich as it has affected the entirety of Anglia Square,” she said.

“It’s amazing to me that we as a city cannot solve these issues because it’s a bank holiday weekend. 

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“And of course the negligence from the building owner, by providing numbers to contact on the building that are either not active or forward you to subcontractors who don’t have access to the full list of properties under their management.”

According to Ms Knight, every telephone number associated with the building has informed her to call the head office which is closed until Tuesday.

Norwich Evening News: The TSB Bank that occupied the ground floor on Magdalen Street closed last yearThe TSB Bank that occupied the ground floor on Magdalen Street closed last year (Image: Newsquest)

“Norwich City Council won’t take action because they don’t own the building and won’t file a noise complaint because it’s the weekend and it’s ‘not an emergency’,” she added. 

“The police won’t take action because nobody suspicious was seen entering the building before the alarm went off.

“Isn’t this embarrassing for the city of Norwich? That we could allow such extreme noise pollution for an extended time.”


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