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Saxon Air launches world’s first electric pleasure flights

Saxon Air has become the first company in the world to offer public flights in a battery operated plane. The company’s new “Electrifying Experience Days” will give passengers the opportunity to fly up to 12,000 feet in an electric aircraft over the Norfolk landscape, as well as have the chance to “fly” the plane in the company’s flight simulator. Rebekah Hill, Saxon Air’s sustainability manager, highlighted the importance of the launch, stating that the aviation industry is experiencing advancements in new technologies like hydrogen and electrification, and that the company is lucky to be able to share the world’s first certified electric aircraft with the public.

The two-seater Pipistrel Velis Electro, owned by Bungay-based firm NEBOair, is the first fully certified electric craft by the Civil Aviation Authority. The aircraft is powered by a 57.6kw electric motor that allows the plane to cruise at 98 knots, and its power comes from a 345 Volts D.C. system built around two liquid-cooled battery packs. In the event of battery failure, the malfunctioning pack will be automatically disconnected from the system, and a single battery is capable of standalone operation and has enough power capability to support climbing and continuation of flight.

Saxon Air’s dedication to transforming the aviation landscape towards sustainability and innovation is emphasized by the launch of their new electric aircraft. Hill highlighted that the industry is on the cusp of significant change, and the company is fortunate to be at the forefront, sharing the future of aviation with the public. The launch marks a significant stride in Saxon Air’s trajectory, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The launch of Saxon Air’s new “Electrifying Experience Days” and the introduction of the world’s first certified electric aircraft for public flights marks a pivotal moment in the aviation industry. With advancements in new technologies like hydrogen and electrification, the industry is set to look very different in the upcoming years, and Saxon Air is positioned to be at the forefront of these changes, sharing the future of aviation with the public.

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